In 1996, vast inland of Australia, when the funder of T-max riding in the wild. The off-road sprit of lonely desert and the mission arises spontaneously, let T-max be the most reliable friend of every off –road warriors. In 2000, T-max established in Hangzhou.

In 2000, first generation of EW winch series related in Australia. Since then, T-max invested a lot of research funding ,and developed electric winches of 4*4 off road series, A T V & utility series and electric board, which all are branded by” T-max”.

From 2004 to 2016, T-max had covered 50 countries had been the leading off road brands, including the X-power, musclelift winch, electric board and replacement parts, even, T-max become the recognized winch and repacking expert and the off-road brand of China. With the excellent quality and performance, T-max become the military supplier of the Spain, the Indonesia and other countries. The reason why T-max products have been so popular for 14 years is from its driving force of internal research & development innovation.

Up to September 30, 2021,T-max has 179 authorized patents, having 146 domestic patents, including 23 invention patents, 75 utility models and 48 appearance patents, 33 foreign patents, including 32 invention patents. Also T-MAX has passed T S 1 6 9 4 9 quality management system certification. Currently T-MAX has mastered the core technology and process for manufacturing winches and electric board. The designing idea has surpassed the other similar manufactures, which is the world’s advance level.